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Ore Beneficiation Line

  • copper ore beneficiation process
copper ore beneficiation process

copper ore beneficiation process

  • Production Capacity : 10-280t/h
  • Applied material:copper ore
  • Beneficiation process:flotation separation
  • Product description: copper ore beneficiation process is classified into: flotation separation.. It is processed by crushing,grinding,sorting,filtration,drying and other processes to obtain the concentrate powder.

Materials:Copper ore
Production Capacity:10-280t/h

Copper ore is a general term for natural copper-containing mineral aggregates that can be utilized.Copper ores are generally composed of copper-bearing sulphides or oxides and other minerals, which react with sulfuric acid to form blue-green copper-sulfate.The industrial minerals of copper include: natural copper, chalcopyrite, chalcopyrite, tetrahedrite, azurite, malachite and so on..More than 280 types of copper minerals have been discovered, with only 16 major types. The main mining in China is chalcopyrite (a compound of copper with sulfur and iron), followed by chalcocite and bornite.

Bornite, copper and iron sulfide (Cu5FeS4) minerals, containing 63.3% Cu,  one of the main mineral raw materials for copper extraction..

The surface of the bornite is easily oxidized and has a purple-blue color.The fresh section of theborniteis dark copper red, metallic luster, and Moss hardness 3. It is often found in dense blocks or dispersed grains. It is found in various types of copper deposits, and often coexists with chalcopyrite.Borniteis also formed in the secondary sulfide enrichment zone of the copper deposits. Theborniteis easily weathered into malachite and azurite on the surface.

Distribution range
There are a large number ofbornitein copper deposits such as Dongchuan, Yunnan, China. Other major producing areas in the world includeMontana'sButte, Mexico's Cananea, and Chile's Chuquicamata. Copper is widely used in electrical, mechanical, vehicle, marine, construction and civil appliances. The world's proven reserves of copper mines are more than 600 million tons, and the country with the largest reserves is Chile, accounting for about one-third of the world's reserves.

Copper ore Processing Flow Chart:
1.Crushing --2.Grinding --3.Flotation separating--4.Filtering
According to the raw ore grade and Capacity ,we will help you choose the suitable equipments.

copper ore beneficiation process

Main Equipments:


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